Lymph Seminars Policies

Our seminars are offered to all Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, Doctors of Chiropractic, Physician’s Assistants, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Athletic Trainers Certified, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Practical Nurses, Massage Therapists. The seminars are presented for an Intermediate level and focus on increasing understanding and competent application of the subject matter.

While the purpose of these seminars is to prepare the participant to work with and/or on patients with lymphedema, this lymphedema therapy education must be regarded as adjunct to your existing professional license/diploma, e.g. physical or occupational therapy license. Therapists treating patients with lymphedema must be in possession of an active license/diploma and work in compliance with the scope/guide of practice set forth for their profession by the state, county and/or municipality in which they work. This lymphedema seminar certification is not a “stand-alone” certification. Specifically, occupational therapy practitioners will enhance their patients’ participation in meaningful roles by addressing performance of key purposeful activities (occupations) in relationship to the management of lymphedema. Physical therapists will utilize treatment methods for lymphedema to promote the capability to move, decrease discomfort, bring back function and prevent impairment. Each attendee will only get credit for the sessions attended, which we will monitor with sign-in sheets per presentation, and they must complete an Evaluation Form at the end of the seminar to receive their credits.

When filling out your application, please inform us of any special needs you might have, either physical, sensory or cognitive. We are fully committed to accommodating the special needs of participants and will do everything possible for requests received six weeks prior to the seminar. Accommodations or special needs requested after that timeframe cannot be guaranteed. Special needs and dietary requests can be emailed to

If you are unable to attend a seminar that you have paid for, our preference is to offer credit towards a future seminar valid for one year. If this is not possible, we will refund the entire amount of payment if a written request is sent more than 14 days prior to the seminar, or if there is a valid medical reason for not being able to attend. If a seminar is cancelled by Lymphedema Seminars for any reason, we will provide a full credit for a future seminar valid for one year. Lymphedema Seminars will not be responsible for non-refundable airfare or other incurred costs for arriving to the course, and will make every effort to contact attendees in a timely fashion if a course has to be canceled. If there are any complaints, please send them to us in writing and we will respond within 7 days.

We retain records in our private database for at least seven years and do not give this information out to anyone else. If an attendee requests information from our records, you must do so in writing and we will call to confirm your identity and reason for the request before we release any information.